Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday and Friday's Devotion

For those of you who look to my blog daily, I apologize that I did not have an early morning posting today (Thursday). Instead, I am posting this afternoon for both today and tomorrow morning (Friday) because I have prior commitments on those mornings this week.

As we prepare for this Sunday's message, the lesson comes from Mark 14:53-72. I haven't listed the passage below because of its length, but my sermon outline is listed below. Think about those who condemned Jesus to death. What was at stake for them? Think about the disciples, especially Peter, who were bewildered and silent as Jesus was being condemned. How are we like them in their silence in the current state of the church? May God bless you as you pray for and participate in Sunday worship.

Read Mark 14:53-72

24 Hours That Changed The World
Part 3: Condemned By The Righteous
Mark 14:53-72 (pg. 49)

I. Who sent Jesus to the cross?

A. If Jesus’ death had occurred five years ago, how would it be

investigated now?

B. Who would be questioned?

1. The Jews – the High Priest, the Chief Priests, the Elders,

the Scribes, and the false accusers.

2. The Romans – Pilate and the Roman soldiers.

3. The Disciples of Jesus – Judas’ betrayal; Peter’s silence.

4. Jesus – words reviewed.

II. The question remains: How could a man who was sinless and completely innocent of wrong-doing be put to death?

A. Those who believed Him to be guilty spoke up. vs. 55-56.

1. The “righteous” often speak out of condemnation.

2. The “righteous” often speak out of fear.

B. Those who knew Him to be innocent remained silent.

1. The silence of Jesus’ disciples.

2. The issues we remain silent about today for the sake of

our own comfort and convenience.

III. How did Jesus change the world?

A. Silence-vs. 61 – Isaiah 53:7 (Jesus gave Himself for our sins)

B. Confession-vs. 62 – Exodus 3:14 (Jesus was the Messiah)

Responding to God’s Word: Realize that the true answer to “Who sent Jesus to the cross?” is found by looking in the mirror. Isaiah 53:5 says, “But he was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities.”

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