Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A New Link

Listed on my "links" on the right hand side of this blog site is a new site I recently added. The link title says, "The Jon Herrin Family - Missionaries to Mexico." Jon Herrin is a good friend I met during my seminary years in Atlanta. Jon is the genuine article, one of the most sincere people I know, and one of the most faithful Christians I have ever encountered.

A little over three years ago while very successfully pastoring a church in Blairsville, Georgia, Jon and his family answered the call to become missionaries to Latin America. For three years, Jon and his family served in Venezuela. During those three years, over twenty new churches were formed and the Methodist Church became an official church movement in Venezuela - much to the hard work of Jon and others like him.

Jon has answered a new missionary call now. He will be moving with his family this week to Monterrey, Mexico where he will serve as a teacher to pastors in the John Wesley Seminary. I invite you to click on his link and read more about my friend Jon and his ministry. You will be inspired by his excitement, courage, and faithfulness.