Thursday, March 15, 2007

Peter - The Courageous Disciple

It seems that we are often critical of Peter - one of Jesus' most trusted disciples. Each time we see Peter in the Scriptures, he is either acting courageously and with great faith (as he did when he walked on water) or he is striking out big-time when the bases are loaded and the game is on the line (as we find him doing in Mark 14:53-72 where he denies that he knows Jesus).

Yes, Peter denies that he knows Jesus while Jesus is being interrogated by the High Priest. But let's look a little deeper this morning. Take into consideration the fact that Peter was present. While all of the other disciples have dispersed and fled the scene, Peter is close enough to Jesus to make eye contact with him. Think about the courage that it took for Peter to go with Jesus to the High Priest's house. The guards that had arrested Jesus are standing just a few feet away from Peter, and Peter knows that at any moment they can recognize him and arrest him too.

There is one fact we cannot deny...Peter loved Jesus and believed that Jesus was the Messiah - the Son of the Living God. Perhaps in his love for Jesus and in his strengths and weaknesses, we can catch a glimpse of ourselves. Are you feeling strong and courageous in your faith right now? Or are you feeling weak and timid in your walk with Christ? Whatever your answer to these questions may be, keep this in mind: The power of God is made perfect in weakness. Invite the Lord today to use His power through your weaknesses to accomplish His good and perfect will in your life.

On another note: Thursday is our day of fasting at Calhoun First United Methodist Church. I invite you to join us today as we fast and pray as a congregation. Pray for the church, pray for your walk with Christ, pray for other needs and concerns in your life, and give-up a meal or two throughout the day to focus on the presence of the Lord in your life...for He is your true nourishment. Blessings to you!

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